Conduct Regulations: Opt Out, Data Protection & Key Information Sheet
Conduct Regulations: Opt Out, Data Protection & Key Information Sheet

Conduct Regulations: Opt Out, Data Protection & Key Information Sheet

Last Updated: 20th June 2022

Agreed terms

By working with Obodo Pro Ltd (the Company), you hereby confirm that in respect of any assignment you (the Contractor) work on, you opt out of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 (SI 2003/3319) as amended pursuant to regulation 32(9) of the same and consent to the Company notifying any relevant Client of such opt out. You acknowledge that you can withdraw this opt out by giving written notice to the Company but that withdrawal shall not take effect until immediately after the end of any assignments you are working on at the relevant time. You acknowledge that this opt out does not interfere with your right to receive an appropriate key information document (as explained in the regulations mentioned above) from the Company.

Also, you acknowledge that there are lawful bases (other than consent) for the Company and any client to which you are assigned to process relevant personal data of yours (mainly as it is necessary for the provision of services at the client and for all such parties to satisfy their legal obligations). You acknowledge that the Company and any relevant client may rely on those lawful bases for processing my data without the need for my consent. However, in any event, you hereby consent that the Company and any client regarding assignments you work on shall process your personal data in the manner as set out in the Terms of Engagement and relevant Assignment Sheet and any agreement you sign with the relevant clients if applicable.

Key Information Document

This document sets out key information about your relationship with us and the intermediary or umbrella company used in your engagement, including details about pay, holiday entitlement and other benefits.

The Employment Agency Standards (EAS) Inspectorate is the government authority responsible for the enforcement of certain agency worker rights. You can raise a concern with them directly on 020 7215 5000 or through the Acas helpline on 0300 123 1100, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

General Information (1)

Your name:
Third party/hirer business:
Name of intermediary company you are contracting through:
Obodo Pro Limited
Type of contract you will be engaged under:
Assignment sheets will be distributed on a per project basis under the Terms of Engagement.
Who will be responsible for paying you:
Obodo Pro Limited
How often the umbrella company and you will be paid:
Monthly, unless otherwise specified in the Assignment Sheet.
Fees Earned by the intermediary company
Obodo earns it’s fees as part of our service for sourcing talent for third party/hirer businesses. Obodo does not take a fee from you are the contractor.
Holiday entitlement and pay:
The Assignment Sheet does not include paid holiday entitlement. Any holidays will be worked around when creating the relevant assignment sheet.


You are being paid through Obodo Pro Limited, an intermediary company, for work undertaken for the hirer. You will still be responsible for calculating and paying your own deductions and taxes. Obodo will still be finding you assignments.

The money earned on your assignments will be transferred to Obodo Pro Limited as part of their income. They will then pay you your fees.